2020 Speakers

Week One: Kristan Dooley- Entering Into a New Season of Hope

Week Two: Jennifer Shaw- What Does It Mean to Be Deeply Rooted In Christ?

Week Three: Molly Huffman- Deeply Rooted: What You Need To Know

Week Four: Monica Ramey- God’s Power In Us

Week Five: GerDonna Ellis- Abiding In Christ

Week Six: Tara Johnson-Brower- Fruit Is Grown In The Valley

Week Seven: Erin Lamb- The Good Samaritan

Week Eight: Linda Mirante- Jesus Never Fails!

Week Nine: Heather Summers- Joy in the Journey

Week Ten: Tamar Klayman- The Revivalist Code

Week Eleven: Erin Campbell- Rooted In Truth

Questions? Call: JoAnn Cornett (859) 393-7925

Live in Cincinnati? Check out our sisters at Cincinnati OutPost!


4 thoughts on “2020 Speakers

  1. Are tickets required for the speakers at bridge church in Alexandria and the Baptist church in Burlington? If so how are they obtained?

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