Donna Harris “From Mourning Into Dancing!”

After many years of a buried secret, I vowed I would take this experience to the grave, to forget it and go on! But the aftermath of that abortion, left me broken, hurt, and numb. My heart encounter with Jesus, took me on a journey of forgiveness, hope, and healing and turned my mourning intoContinue reading “Donna Harris “From Mourning Into Dancing!””

Melissa Spoelstra – The Good News That Changes Everything

Bad news surrounds us. It comes through our computer and television screens, in doctors’ offices, and through strained relationships. Our difficulties can overwhelm us and cause us to plead with Jesus to return…like today! In the midst of our complicated lives, we need constant reminders that we carry treasured good news for a broken planet.Continue reading “Melissa Spoelstra – The Good News That Changes Everything”

Kim Chadwell – Finding Freedom: The Fight for Forgiveness

Regardless of background, education, or social status, the issue of forgiveness comes calling at our doorstep. What exactly is forgiveness? What is the truth beneath the pain? How do we actually forgive someone who intentionally wounds us? Forgiveness can be a barrier or it can be a beginning. Forgiveness is a fight… but it isContinue reading “Kim Chadwell – Finding Freedom: The Fight for Forgiveness”

Brittany Kiser “Embracing the Healing of Strongholds”

Brittany Kiser “Embracing the Healing of Strongholds” After many years of heartbreaks, addictions and sinful lifestyle, only Jesus Christ broke this heart of stone, providing grace and forgiveness.  He healed these strongholds and He is and will continue to be the author of my salvation. God Bless You All!

Linda Mirante “Heart Under Attack”

Linda Mirante – Heart Under Attack Satan is always looking for ways to attack our minds and hearts.  Our words and actions are largely dictated by what and who we choose to watch and listen.  Let’s commit to allow the power of God and His Word to restore our hearts and defend ourselves and family!Continue reading “Linda Mirante “Heart Under Attack””

Molly Huffman “Trusting God With Your Worst Fears”

Molly Huffman – Trusting God With Your Worst Fears How do we respond to a modern day Job story of death, loss, anxiety and change?  Can we trust our God who doesn’t fix our pain immediately?  Hear Molly’s story of how we can still trust God, experiencing joy and hope! God Bless You All!

Erin Lamb “Transformed by God’s Love”

Erin Lamb – Transformed by God’s Love Have you been intrigued by the miracles of the Bible yet wonder if miracles are for today? Jesus was moved with compassion and healed the sick. He said to His disciples, “Truly I tell you, the one who believes in Me will also do the works that IContinue reading “Erin Lamb “Transformed by God’s Love””

Kristan Dooley “Awaken to Freedom”

Kristan Dooley   “Awaken to Freedom”  As daughters of the most high King we have been handed the keys to unlock heaven’s doors.  But, because we do not know who we are… many of our keys sit on the nightstand gathering dust!  Our identity in Christ is directly built upon our relationship WITH Christ.  Freedom happens whenContinue reading “Kristan Dooley “Awaken to Freedom””

2018 Outpost Women’s Ministries Summer Series

OUTPOST WOMEN’S MINISTRIES WELCOMES YOU TO THE 2018 SUMMER PROGRAM: RADIATE HIS LOVE SAVE THE DATES: JUNE 4 – 11- 18 and JULY 9 – 16 – 23 Stay Tune for more to come…… LOCATION FOR THE FIRST 3 SPEAKERS WILL BE AT “THE BRIDGE CHURCH” IN ALEXANDRIA, KY (June 4 – 11- 18) JUNEContinue reading “2018 Outpost Women’s Ministries Summer Series”

Tamar Klayman shares “The Struggle is Real”

It is common to find our identity and purpose from our profession, parenting or from our past.  Tamar, having grown up in a Jewish family, was sent on a journey by God to find her Jewish roots. Through this process, she found her true identity and purpose in Jesus Christ. Tamar shares her story ofContinue reading “Tamar Klayman shares “The Struggle is Real””

2017 Outpost Summer Series Schedule – 6:45 PM – 8:30 PM

Women sharing stories, music and scripture to touch your heart…  JUNE 5 –   TAMAR KLAYMAN: “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL”  Understanding and overcoming the struggle for faith, freedom and  a victorious future! Musician: Lisa Sherwood              Scripture Reader: Kelley Johnson Worship Team: First Baptist Cold Spring   JUNE 12 – LINDA MIRANTE:Continue reading “2017 Outpost Summer Series Schedule – 6:45 PM – 8:30 PM”

Nancy Holland-Sears “His Touch Made My Heart Whole”

Nancy shares many stories of the supernatural power of prayer! Starting at birth with a hole in her heart and a grim diagnosis, her mamma’s relentless prayers were miraculously answered. At age 23, with cervical & liver cancer, Nancy followed her mother’s example of prayer, obedience & was completely healed by God. God Bless You All!


Hello Ladies, REMINDER:  There is no NKY Outpost session on Monday, July 4th.  We, at Outpost Women’s Ministries, pray that you have a very safe, blessed 4th of July! Please come join us on Monday, July 11 to hear another incredible testimony by: NANCY HOLLAND-SEARS: “HIS TOUCH MADE MY HEART WHOLE” Many stories of theContinue reading “No OUTPOST on MONDAY, JULY 4th”

Angela Minter “The Diary of a Pro-Life Black Woman”

Angela will open the pages of her life and share a portion of her testimony.  Most people keep their diary a secret, but hers is an open book. The Bible says “he who covers his sin, shall not prosper”… Proverbs 28:13. Angela will also discuss how all lives matter… even in the womb. God Bless You All!

Welcome to the 2016 Outpost Summer Series

OUTPOST WOMEN’S MINISTRIES WELCOMES YOU TO THE 2016 SUMMER PROGRAM:  RESET YOU HEART – RUN TO JESUS (scroll down after video for more information) Women sharing stories, music and scripture to touch your heart…  JUNE 6 –   ERIN CAMPBELL: “FROM ATHEIST TO CHRIST FOLLOWER”   Erin was steeped in addiction and atheism until one nightContinue reading “Welcome to the 2016 Outpost Summer Series”

Vickie Gaynier shares “Forgive, Forget, Love – story of Corrie ten Boom!”

The Monday night, June 29th Outpost Women’s Ministries of Northern KY was privileged to present Vickie Gaynier’s “Forgive, Forget, Love!” Through a dramatic presentation, Vickie shared Corrie ten Boom’s testimony of living through the unimaginable persecution during the Holocaust. From this dramatization, we need to relate this to the persecution of Christians and Jews ofContinue reading “Vickie Gaynier shares “Forgive, Forget, Love – story of Corrie ten Boom!””

Mikayla Owens shares “Trusting in God’s Greater Plans”

On Monday, June 22, Mikayla Owens shared her testimony called “Trusting in God’s Great Plans.” Scriptures says, “Neither are your ways my way, says the Lord (Isaiah 55:8).” Mikayla found that God’s ways surpassed her own life plans. Through her own choices and struggles, she found the Lord to be patient and always faithful. Unfortunately, weContinue reading “Mikayla Owens shares “Trusting in God’s Greater Plans””

Donna Blanchet “God Hates Heroin”

On Monday, June 15, Outpost sponsored a special night focusing on the heroin epidemic in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. Donna Blanchard gave her testimony as a part of the program. Donna is a former heroin addict and spent time as a prostitute on the streets in order to support her drug habit. This previously recordedContinue reading “Donna Blanchet “God Hates Heroin””

Stephanie Jo Newton

On Monday, June 8, Stephanie Jo Newton gave her testimony called, “A Miracle Story of Hope!” Stephanie shared her miracle birth against all odds and advice to abort. She learned that God still works miracles today. Her story will help you believe God is bigger than any problem you may have and nothing is impossible for Him! GodContinue reading “Stephanie Jo Newton”

Special Night – June 15 – Healing From Heroin

Outpost Women’s Ministries presents a special evening for both men and women on Monday, June 15, at 7:00 PM to address the horrors of heroin in Northern KY and Cincinnati. Come to Highland Hills Church, located at 638 Highland Avenue, Fort Thomas, KY to hear a testimony given by a former addict, and learn fromContinue reading “Special Night – June 15 – Healing From Heroin”

2015 Outpost Women’s Ministries Upcoming Summer Series

Come join us on Monday evenings in Northern KY starting on June 8, and Thursday mornings in Cincinnati starting on June 11. This fellowship is filled with inspiration and hope. Women share their personal testimonies revealing how Jesus Christ has transformed their lives! Check out more of the details for Northern KY and Cincinnati sessionsContinue reading “2015 Outpost Women’s Ministries Upcoming Summer Series”

Joyce Ostrander shares “Who’s in Charge Here?”

“Who’s In Charge Here?” God’s Sovereignty In Times of Trouble Journey with Joyce as events turned her life upside down. She recounts God’s provision, protection and plans, and how God proved Himself to be a “Man of His Word” in her life, despite her doubts and failings. A testimony that can provide encouragement and helpContinue reading “Joyce Ostrander shares “Who’s in Charge Here?””

Bev Dawson shares “Safely to the Other Side”

Bev Dawson shares her many encounters with God from her daughter’s healing to coping with the loss of home and business. God brought her to an intimate relationship with Him. There are many women and families struggling with illnesses and financial difficulties. This is a great testimony to share with others. They will learn how theyContinue reading “Bev Dawson shares “Safely to the Other Side””

Lalita Bollinger shares “The Father’s Love”

Lalita Bollinger fled Communist Cuba at age 13 . . .she tells of her spiritual journey of a life struggling with issues of abandonment, fear and identity, to discovering the love of the Father, intimacy in prayer and her indentiy in Christ. Just click on the arrow to hear Lalita’s incredible testimony: God Bless YouContinue reading “Lalita Bollinger shares “The Father’s Love””

2014 Outpost Women’s Ministries Summer Series – starts in June

Come join us on Monday evenings in Northern KY starting on June 16, and Thursday mornings in Cincinnati starting on June 12. This fellowship is filled with inspiration and hope. Women share their personal testimonies revealing how Jesus Christ has transformed their lives! Check out more of the details for Northern KY and Cincinnati sessions onContinue reading “2014 Outpost Women’s Ministries Summer Series – starts in June”

Cinny Roy “Why This Superwoman Crashed”

Cinny Roy gives an incredible testimony called “Why This Superwoman Crashed.” Personally and professionally, Cinny knows the intricacies of recovery from abortion. She will discuss the crisis and chronic impact of God’s incredible healing. Just click on the arrow to hear Cinny’s inspirational words: God Bless You!  

Lisa McGraw shares “Sister, Take Your Place”

Lisa McGraw shared her testimony called “Sister, Take Your Place!”  Lisa experienced a dramatic conversation when she gave herself to Christ in 2011. Since then, she has been stepping forward in faith and her life has completely changed. Just click on the arrow to listen to Lisa’s inspiring testimony: God Bless You All!  

Xena Al Salty shares “Making Christ Available to Muslims”

Xena Al Salty was born in Irag and experienced great controversy living as a Christian in a Muslim world.  Xena’s testimony is incredible and a wake-up call for all of us who have been taking our freedom to practice our Christian faith for granted. The ministry of which Xena is a part is called SALT.Continue reading “Xena Al Salty shares “Making Christ Available to Muslims””

“Blooming in the Desert” by Audra Haney

The Northeast Women’s Bible Studies Luncheon, held on Friday, May 3, was blessed to have as their speaker, Audra Haney. She is a young, inspirational woman who works as a producer for the outstanding TV show ‘The 700 Club’ which airs on CBN and ABC Family. Audra Haney shares how Jesus Christ helped her overcomeContinue reading ““Blooming in the Desert” by Audra Haney”

2013 Outpost Summer Series starting in June

Come join us for evenings and mornings filled with inspiration and hope!  Women share their personal testimonies revealing how Jesus Christ has transformed their lives! Check out the details for Northern KY sessions on Monday evenings, and check out the details for Cincinnati sessions on Thursday mornings on this website: God Bless You!

“Embracing Our Brokenness; Finding God in Adversity” by Kathy Bolduc

Kathy Bolduc shares her difficult yet blessed experiences surrounding her son, Joel, who has been diagnosed as autistic and mentally challenged. The day-to-day events in the entire family’s lives have been filled with struggle, but also overflowing in God’s grace. Just click on the arrow to hear Kathy’s inspiring testimony: God Bless You All!

Mary Lee Glore and Sarah Moore

Outpost Women’s Ministries continues the summer series with two incredible testimonies given by Mary Lee Glore and Sarah Moore. Both of these women suffered from addiction, but with the grace of God, they were able to overcome these strongholds. In addition, both of these courageous women now serve God by helping others with problems becauseContinue reading “Mary Lee Glore and Sarah Moore”

Tricia Cross shares “Adjusting Your Life to God”

Tricia Cross shares her life’s journey called “Adjusting Your Life to God.” Tricia speaks about her beautiful daughter, Natalie, who has endured many life challenges. Tricia and her family have endured these with her. Come listen to how Scripture has been the key to Tricia’s strength and perseverance during the difficult times in her life.Continue reading “Tricia Cross shares “Adjusting Your Life to God””

Bobbie Radeck “Momma Meet Jesus” (The Story of Forgiveness)

Outpost Women’s Ministries of Northern Kentucky has been hosting a 6-week summer series presenting women speakers. These ladies are giving their life testimonies to help all of us understand how Jesus Christ is our Lord and Redeemer.  There are four more sessions left, so please come and join us if you are able. The activitiesContinue reading “Bobbie Radeck “Momma Meet Jesus” (The Story of Forgiveness)”