Melissa Spoelstra – The Good News That Changes Everything

Bad news surrounds us. It comes through our computer and television screens, in doctors’ offices, and through strained relationships. Our difficulties can overwhelm us and cause us to plead with Jesus to return…like today! In the midst of our complicated lives, we need constant reminders that we carry treasured good news for a broken planet.Continue reading “Melissa Spoelstra – The Good News That Changes Everything”

Kim Chadwell – Finding Freedom: The Fight for Forgiveness

Regardless of background, education, or social status, the issue of forgiveness comes calling at our doorstep. What exactly is forgiveness? What is the truth beneath the pain? How do we actually forgive someone who intentionally wounds us? Forgiveness can be a barrier or it can be a beginning. Forgiveness is a fight… but it isContinue reading “Kim Chadwell – Finding Freedom: The Fight for Forgiveness”