Brittany Kiser “Embracing the Healing of Strongholds”

Brittany Kiser “Embracing the Healing of Strongholds” After many years of heartbreaks, addictions and sinful lifestyle, only Jesus Christ broke this heart of stone, providing grace and forgiveness.  He healed these strongholds and He is and will continue to be the author of my salvation. God Bless You All!

Linda Mirante “Heart Under Attack”

Linda Mirante – Heart Under Attack Satan is always looking for ways to attack our minds and hearts.  Our words and actions are largely dictated by what and who we choose to watch and listen.  Let’s commit to allow the power of God and His Word to restore our hearts and defend ourselves and family!Continue reading “Linda Mirante “Heart Under Attack””

Molly Huffman “Trusting God With Your Worst Fears”

Molly Huffman – Trusting God With Your Worst Fears How do we respond to a modern day Job story of death, loss, anxiety and change?  Can we trust our God who doesn’t fix our pain immediately?  Hear Molly’s story of how we can still trust God, experiencing joy and hope! God Bless You All!