One thought on “Amber Carpenter “Christ-Centered Parenting”

  1. It is imperative to realize that raising your children is the biggest, greatest, most important, significant task & privilege you’ll ever have & been blessed with. Taking it as such, is the only option. Every moment is a lesson. Every word, breath, look, physical stance, mood, action is a lesson to them & their growing eyes & personhood. I make it a point to show & reveal I am relying on God in & for everything, whether safety to place we are driving, to just having a good day. It is imperative to demonstrate reliance, trust and faith in God in life with everything we are doing; from the most mundane things to the important big things. Doing it once or twice or just at meals or bedtime is NOT demonstrating God is at the helm of this life, ship & family. Once on vacation we left our favorite umbrella at a store & it was pouring & we turned around to go back & hopefully find it & we stopped & prayed before we ran back in the store to find it, that God would lead us to it. Silly? Perhaps to some, but the demonstration of God’s faithfulness & soverignity over our affairs couldn’t have been more clear & beautiful, when we literally walked right in & allowed the Holy Spirit to guide us straight to the place we had accidentally laid it down & could not remember on our own & would not have w/out His guidance. What a powerful moment & lesson it was for my young daughter to see when we ask & rely on God, He always shows up & cares; even right down to the last detail & anything! Demonstrating God working in our daily lives & not just on the pages of her Bible & favorite Bible stories from long ago, is CRUCIAL. Otherwise, all those stories & verses & lessons don’t come alive & translate into our daily lives & how we use them today. Relying on God for all the problems we face in our family & daily lives is a practice in demonstration a family has to be showing if we want our kids to do the same. God must be at the helm of everything we do. Relying on God literally has to be put into practice so our kids pick that habit up. My daughter came home one day from school as a second grader & said the librarian told her she was sick & had a sore throat; so she asked her if she could pray for her & ask God to make her better; & she said the librarian said, “Why yes, thank you. That is so nice.” That’s what we want, children whom seek God first for everything & their first thought to be, ‘I need to take this to God’ or ‘thank God’. Whether it’s a need or a grateful heart, we want our kids to seek Him first & put Him first. That can only happen if we as parents do. Everytime I have allowed God to lead & guide me as a parent, He has shown up. Let Him be our compass, our guide to parenting & I promise you He will get you where you need to be for your children, every single time! The one & best thing we can ever do for our children is give them Jesus & a Christ centered home. There is no other gift greater than giving our children the gift of Jesus. No matter what happens in their life, it is the one gift that will always be the answer to all their problems, hurts, triumphs & future. We cannot control the future for our children’s lives or the world they have to grow up in; but we can give the one & only thing that will be an endless resource to them for anything & everything they will ever have to encounter, face, go through, live through & exist in. That resource of endless knowledge & the ticket to their eternity is found through Jesus Christ. The day your child accepts Jesus Christ into their hearts surpasses all other days of joys & triumphs you will have for them as parents. There is no greater day on earth than the day you know w/out a doubt your child will spend eternity w/you! We must work for this day everyday by providing an environment w/Him in it 24/7 that is so routine it is second nature to our children to seek Jesus in everything. Lastly… remember that no matter the struggle or difficulty you face as parents, that “Children are a Blessing & Heritage from God” -Psalm 127:3

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