2017 Outpost Summer Series Schedule – 6:45 PM – 8:30 PM

Women sharing stories, music and scripture to touch your heart…

 JUNE 5 –   TAMAR KLAYMAN: “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL”  Understanding and overcoming the struggle for faith, freedom and  a victorious future!

Musician: Lisa Sherwood              Scripture Reader: Kelley Johnson

Worship Team: First Baptist Cold Spring


JUNE 12 – LINDA MIRANTE: “PROGRESS… NOT PERFECTION!   Let’s stop letting the past define our future. With God, we have the    joy of writing the end of our story. Embrace Life!

Musician: Olivia Hathon               Scripture Reader: Lisa McGraw

Worship Team: Main Street Baptist


JUNE 19 – TRACY WAKEFIELD: “POWER OF PRAYER AND THE HOLY SPIRIT”   He Speaks. Hear Him! God hears your prayers. He knows your  heart and He Speaks through the Holy Spirit. HE IS REAL!

Musician: Stephanie Price           Scripture Reader: Judy Reis

Worship Team: First Church – Union Campus


JUNE 26 – ALLI PATTERSON: “A 2-WORD PRAYER CAN CHANGE ANYTHING”   Hope is born only in the mess of true repentance.

Musician: Natalie Gregory            Scripture Reader: Jane Gesenhues

Worship Team: Main Street Baptist


JULY 10 – CARLA WOOD: “A WILD RIDE”  Just like Thelma and Louise, it’s all about who you journey with  that makes the ride!

Musician: McKenzie Rusch             Scripture Reader: Charlotte Rusch

Worship Team: Calvary Baptist Church


JULY 17 – AMBER CARPENTER: “CHRIST CENTERED PARENTING”   Moms… we are going to make mistakes but we will survive, not  of our own strength but through Christ!

Musician: Cassandra Etter                Scripture Reader: Kim Durst

Worship Team: The Next Chapter


Questions? Call: JoAnn Cornett (859) 393-7925

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