Welcome to the 2016 Outpost Summer Series


Women sharing stories, music and scripture to touch your heart…

 JUNE 6 –   ERIN CAMPBELL: “FROM ATHEIST TO CHRIST FOLLOWER”   Erin was steeped in addiction and atheism until one night she met Jesus Christ on Bourbon Street. Erin will share the most effective ways to lead unbelievers to Jesus Christ.   Musician: Natalie Gregory                Scripture Reader: Erin Campbell

JUNE 13 – PAIGE DURST: “THE LIFE OF A YOUNG MISSIONARY”                   As a young girl, Paige answered God’s call before she understood what was happening. Through her unique adventures, you will see God in all thing and witness how her “seemingly meaningless” journeys turned into a world of miracles.                                     Musician: Lisa Sherwood                   Scripture Reader: Kerstina Tobergte

 JUNE 20 – CASEY GUESENHUES: “FINDING GOD IN GRIEF”                       After the death of their 17 day old son, Charlie, Casey and her family found the only way they could endure the grief that wrecked their lives was to hold fast to their heavenly Father and His promises to make all things good.                                                          Musician: Lisa Salyer                            Scripture Reader: Pam Cahill

JUNE 27 – ANGELA MINTER: “THE DIARY OF A PRO-LIFE BLACK WOMAN” Angela will open the pages of her life and share a portion of her testimony.  Most people keep their diary a secret, but hers is an open book. The Bible says “he who covers his sin, shall not prosper”… Proverbs 28:13.                                                                                 Musician: Olivia Hathon                    Scripture Reader: Nancy Stafford

JULY 11 – NANCY HOLLAND-SEARS: “HIS TOUCH MADE MY HEART WHOLE”                                                                                                                                     Many stories of the supernatural power of prayer! Starting at birth with a hole in her heart and a grim diagnosis, Nancy’s mamma’s relentless prayers were miraculously answered. At age 23, with cervical & liver cancer, Nancy followed her mother’s example of prayer, obedience & was completely healed by God.                                                                      Musician: Abbey Measner                 Scripture Reader: Amy Hastings

JULY 18 – LAUREN BURTNETT: “FROM ‘RELIGION’ TO RELATIONSHIP     After the hand of God delivered her from a life of drug addiction and sin, Lauren came to know God as Father.   Instead of merely going through the motions of ‘religion,’ Lauren will share the difference of developing a relationship with Jesus.                                Musician: Stephanie Coffey              Scripture Reader: Rhonda Vasseur

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