Mikayla Owens shares “Trusting in God’s Greater Plans”

On Monday, June 22, Mikayla Owens shared her testimony called “Trusting in God’s Great Plans.” Scriptures says, “Neither are your ways my way, says the Lord (Isaiah 55:8).” Mikayla found that God’s ways surpassed her own life plans. Through her own choices and struggles, she found the Lord to be patient and always faithful. Unfortunately, weContinue reading “Mikayla Owens shares “Trusting in God’s Greater Plans””

Donna Blanchet “God Hates Heroin”

On Monday, June 15, Outpost sponsored a special night focusing on the heroin epidemic in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. Donna Blanchard gave her testimony as a part of the program. Donna is a former heroin addict and spent time as a prostitute on the streets in order to support her drug habit. This previously recordedContinue reading “Donna Blanchet “God Hates Heroin””

Stephanie Jo Newton

On Monday, June 8, Stephanie Jo Newton gave her testimony called, “A Miracle Story of Hope!” Stephanie shared her miracle birth against all odds and advice to abort. She learned that God still works miracles today. Her story will help you believe God is bigger than any problem you may have and nothing is impossible for Him! GodContinue reading “Stephanie Jo Newton”