Bobbie Radeck “Momma Meet Jesus” (The Story of Forgiveness)

Outpost Women’s Ministries of Northern Kentucky has been hosting a 6-week summer series presenting women speakers.

These ladies are giving their life testimonies to help all of us understand how Jesus Christ is our Lord and Redeemer.  There are four more sessions left, so please come and join us if you are able. The activities begins at 7:00 PM on Monday evening, held at:

Highland Hills Church
638 Highland Ave.
Ft. Thomas, KY 41076

Bobbie Radeck was our first speaker. She shared her heartfelt and inspiring journey from being lost, abandoned, and abused, to a life filled with love and light because of the blessings and grace of Jesus Christ.

Just click on the arrow below to listen to her incredible words of faith and hope!

God Bless You All!

One thought on “Bobbie Radeck “Momma Meet Jesus” (The Story of Forgiveness)

  1. Thank you, Bobbie, for your courage in sharing your story. What an encouragement in hope and redemption. I used to work with you years ago and am blessed in finding this while searching some women’s testimonies. I too now belong to the Kingdom, and again finding you here was a gift!

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